The Consumer Marketing program is responsible for promoting the state as a vacation destination to potential visitors. The program develops advertising and promotional campaigns to positively and uniquely brand Montana, differentiate the state as a travel destination, and increase tourism from domestic and Canadian travelers. Campaigns are designed to create awareness about Montana, generate interest in visiting, and influence travel intention. Nationwide tourism trends and statistics from the Institute of Tourism and Recreation Research (ITRR) at the University of Montana, syndicated research, and the results of contracted research studies help determine a data-driven overall marketing strategy and target audience and track success metrics of marketing efforts. Using content, social, earned media, email marketing and advertising, the Consumer program creates demand for Montana as a premiere global travel destination.

See creative examples from FY18 - FY20 here.


The Earned and Social Media program focuses on promoting Montana as a travel destination through social media platforms and public relations. Working with local, regional, national and international travel journalists (print, web, broadcast and social/interactive) as well as social influencers to communicate Montana’s diverse tourism stories, this program proactively solicits Montana coverage and also serves as a conduit for inbound media inquiries. This program generates millions of dollars worth of articles and programming highlighting our state as a travel destination. In addition, the program maintains and continually augments an extensive photo library of Montana images for a variety of publicity and marketing purposes, while also providing outreach and support to our tourism regions and CVBs to further their publicity efforts.

The Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development publications provide flavorful and factual coverage of Montana's year-round recreation and attractions to visitors of all ages. These free guides contain gorgeous photography and easy-to-read information helping our visitor further their sense of discovery for planning their vacation in Montana.

The guides have been designed to be used in conjunction with the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development's website, Consumers can use the printed guides, supplemented by the website to create fun-filled itineraries on where to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to do for a very personal experience.