Through the Joint Venture Marketing Program, Brand MT aims to provide Joint Venture Partners (JV Partners: regions, CVBs, TBIDs and tourism industry partners) with a variety of affordable joint venture advertising opportunities that leverage the state brand and resources.

The goal is to offer opportunities that shoulder up to Brand MT’s overall plan to make the entire state’s advertising stronger and more cohesive.

All Joint Venture Match options will be available to reserve on Thursday, May 11, 2023. To take advantage of Match Opportunities, JV Partner creative must be reviewed and approved by Brand MT. 

Full details on the FY24 plan can be found in the PDF and video below. 

FY24 Joint Venture Plan PDF
FY24 Joint Venture Plan Video

As part of this partnership, you will be provided with a standardized monthly report to better understand the metrics of your ad campaign. A sample report can be found here

If you have questions, please reach out to Nick Johnson at

When you are ready to place your order, please fill out this year's JV Order Form and submit the final document along with your W9 to Vanessa Castillo-Curiel at 

Package sales close on July 14, 2023

*Note: There are multiple tabs on the JV Order Form - please make sure you review all before sending in the completed form. 

Localhood is a digital story network that gives you the ability to promote your destination in a place that reaches more travelers organically. Stories created by our partners can be imbedded into their own websites and has the opportunity to be featured on 

This platform is being offered to you at no cost



This year, there are few Zartico options that we are able to offer our partners. 

  • Option 1: Static Zartico Reports
    • Available upon request and can be sent monthly with data relevant to your region/CVB.
    • These reports are being offered to you at no charge
  • Option 2: Zartico Reports with Dynamic Visualizations
    • These reports are built to answer a specific question from you (ex: What is the impact of the new flight introduced?)
    • Visualization are based off mobile location data and movement data and would include a full report on findings from Zartico. An example report can be found here.  
    • These reports are being offered to you at $2,500/report and limited to 1 report/region or CVB. 

Brand MT subscribes to a variety of reports from Destination Analysts that are now being offered to you at no cost. Below is the list of reports from DA that are available to you: 

  • Survey of the American Traveler
    • Includes leisure travel sentiment, travel expectations, top U.S. destinations of interest, traveler motivations, and more!
  • Passion Profiles
    • Includes where the profile lives, what their motivations and interests are, travel brands they use, and more!
    • For a full list of profiles click here.
  • Brand MT Rolling Study
    • Includes information like competitive monitoring, ad recall, seasonal visitor analysis, travel considerations, and more!

Brand MT will develop and provide customized dashboards with data relevant to the six tourism regions across the state. Regional data will be based on all relevant listings and content pages. 

These dashboards are being offered to you at no cost.

Sojern is a digital programmatic partner with direct access to first party, real-time travel data from 100+ large travel companies. Their campaigns utilize real-time and historical travel data to reach high-value target audiences. 

Data partners include: 

  • American Airlines
  • Best Western
  • Trivago 
  • Choice Hotels
  • Flight Network


Jun Group is a mobile advertising partner that specializes in high impact media. They build full screen mobile ads and engage users in a meaningful way with their consent-focused approach.


Teads is a digital media partner with access to premium inventory across top publishers. They focus on brand responsible formats to provide audiences with non-invasive advertising experience.


Pinterest is a social networking website that allows users to visually share and discover new interests by sharing images and videos on 'boards.'