Call for Conference Presenters

Are you interested in speaking to Montana tourism professionals or do you know someone who would make a good speaker? Destination MT is looking for conference presenters who who can inspire, educate and deliver relevant content. The 2025 conference will be held in Helena, Montana, April 27-29, 2025.

The Montana Department of Commerce's Governor’s Conference on Tourism is an annual conference bringing over 350 tourism and business professionals together to educate, network, and inspire one another.   

The 2025 conference theme is “Montana Tourism: The Road Ahead."

We seek proposals that align with pioneering concepts in the tourism industry, and fit within one of the following topics:  

  • Marketing – from branding to digital
  • Rural and under-visited area tourism development
  • Data and technology
  • Creating community/building resiliency
  • Arts/Culture & Heritage
  • Experiential/niche tourism products

The first round of speaker proposals is scheduled to be reviewed July 24.

The deadline to submit proposals for the first round of review is July 23 at 5 p.m. All proposals must be submitted by August 30, 2024.

Submit a proposal here.

Session Types

Time: 60-minute session, Q & A optional  

A high-impact session designed to set the tone for the conference. Features a blend of storytelling, expert insights, and compelling visuals to engage and inspire the audience.  The speaker addresses the event's central theme, providing thought-provoking perspectives, and real-world, tangible takeaways. The format aims to energize attendees, sparking ideas and discussions that resonate throughout the conference.   


  •  Speaker fee- must include your travel and lodging expenses   
  • 1 conference registration   
    (includes meals, value $300)  



Time: 45-minute session + 15 minutes Q& A  

A focused, small group discussion that dives deeper into specific topics of interest. These sessions feature expert-led presentations, interactive activities, and open discussion allowing for personalized engagement and detailed exploration.   


  • $250-$500 per speaker, please see F.A.Q. for additional details  
  • 1 conference registration   
    (includes meals, value $300)  


Time: 60-minute session  

An interactive, hands-on session designed to engage participants in practical, skills-based learning. These learning labs involve small group activities, collaborative exercises, and direct application of concepts to  real-world scenarios. The goal is to enhance understanding and retention through active participation.  


  • $250-$500 per speaker, please see F.A.Q. for additional details  
  • 1 conference registration   
    (includes meals, value $300)  


The first round of proposals will be reviewed by the content committee on July 23. The second round will be reviewed between September 3-18. 
Proposals that are submitted by 5:00 pm on August 30, 2024, will be given first consideration.  

Breakout session/Learning Lab Speakers 

Speakers leading a breakout session or learning lab within the Helena area will receive a flat fee of $250.00. Those traveling from locations more than 100 miles outside of Helena will be compensated with a flat fee of $500.00.   

You are responsible for booking and paying for your own hotel and your travel expenses.  We have group rates at various hotels.  

Keynote Speakers 

If you are a keynote speaker, please specify your speaker fee and what the speaker fee entails.  

Payment is issued after successful completion of contract. Please allow up to 30 days after event for payment to be issued. 
Yes, you may have a maximum of one moderator and three panelists in your session. This size allows for a diversity of perspectives while ensuring that each panelist has adequate time to share their insights and engage with the audience.  Please note that we will limit the number of sessions that can adopt a panel format to ensure a variety of session types and interactive formats throughout the conference.  
Yes! Speakers may submit up to three (3) proposals.  
Yes, at the end of your presentation, make sure to remind your attendees to complete the survey. We will provide you a QR code that you can include in your presentation so attendees can scan and submit their feedback. An e-mail will also go out requesting attendees for their feedback.  It will take about 3-4 weeks to compile and calculate the session survey results. You will receive an e-mail from with your session survey results and any comments from attendees.  
Yes, you can still submit a speaker proposal even if you spoke at last year’s conference. 
No. All interested speakers must submit a proposal and will be reviewed by the content committee. 


June 7 Speaker proposal application open for submissions
July 23 First round of speaker proposals reviewed
August 30  Speaker proposal application closes to new submissions
Febraury 7 First draft of presentation must be submitted to for Content Committee and Comms review
March 14 Final presentation must be sent to 

Submission Tips

  • Originality. sessions should be original and relevant to the conference theme and audience.

  • Actionable takeaways. Attendees want to leave your session with actionable takeaways/tools to take back with them. 

  • Craft a clear and engaging title and description. Develop a concise, descriptive and attention grabbing title and description that accurately reflects the content of your presentation.

  • Write a compelling abstract abstract. Provide a brief summary of your presentation, highlighting the key points and takeaways. Make sure it's clear, engaging and demostrates the value of your session.

  • Details! Details! Details! Be descriptive on what you are proposing by providing an outline or agenda including the main points and structure. 

  • Be authentic and passionate. Let your enthusiasm for the topic come through your proposal. Demostrate your passion and commitment to delivering a valuable and engaging presentation.