Experience Missoula on the FAM tours. Spots are limited. Please RSVP when registering for the conference.

Pre-Conference Tours

Missoula Butterfly House & Insectarium
Sunday, April 14 | 3:00 pm | 30 spots

Visit Montana's first and only tropical butterfly house. Opened in November 2023, the Missoula Butterfly House and Insectarium is home to butterflies and other live arthropod species from around the world. Take a tour of the museum's exhibits and learn a little bit more about "the little things that run the world."

Hotels & Hooligans
Sunday, April 14 | 3:00 pm

Daily life and culture in Missoula during the city’s railroad boom—the Hotels and Hooligans tour looks at how the average Missoulian (whether long-time or just passing through) lived and recreated. Scandals and other sketchiness from the Courthouse to the seedy underbelly of Missoula’s railroad hotel district will also be revealed!

Post-Conference Tours

The Smokejumper Center
Tuesday, April 16 | 3:00 pm

The history of smoke-jumping has been intertwined with the city of Missoula and the state of Montana since the first smokejumpers took off in a wooden-framed, fabric-covered aircraft in 1940.

The Missoula Smokejumper Center has been a key part of wildfire fighting resources in the northwest since 1952, when the Smokejumper Base was constructed. Today, the story of the smokejumpers and the other federal facilities located on the 102-acre aerial fire depot is shared with 20,000-30,000 visitors annually at the Smokejumper Visitor Center at the jump base alongside of the Missoula International Airport (Johnson-Bell Field) at 5765 West Broadway.

The Montana Museum of Arts and Culture
Tuesday, April 16 | 3:00 pm

Join us for a tour of the brand-new Montana Museum of Arts and Culture! The Montana Museum of Arts and Culture opened its doors in September 2023. The 17,000-square-foot structure displays some of the museum’s most powerful exhibitions. The Batts Gallery houses “Rising from the Ashes: Selections from the Three Chiefs Cultural Center Collection.” Formerly known as the “The People’s Center,” the original building burnt down in an arson fire in 2020. MMAC shows the story of their rise from the ashes and exhibits some of the recovered collection. 

The third floor is organized into central themes: Beliefs, Origins, People, Land, Conflict, Harmony, and Beauty. Through these categories, the museum is curated to describe subjects that are universal to its gathering of art, whether each piece is modern or old, big or small, and made on the land we call Montana or somewhere far away.

River Road Tour and Mini Workshop
Tuesday, Apri 16 | 3:00 pm

Join us on River Road for an afternoon exploring local food! With over 20 sites throughout Missoula, Garden City Harvest provides individuals with the raw materials to grow, cook, and preserve the harvest. Their River Road site gives you a taste of their farms, community gardens, and community gathering space all in one. 

We invite you to participate in a tour followed by a hands-on activity that will deepen your connection to your food and our community.